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Paths to Success: The Texas Women’s Summit

A common theme emerged at the first annual Texas Women's Summit, held April 29 in Austin, Texas.

I’ve been going to a lot of panels and conferences lately, and I’m consistently surprised and impressed by how many amazing people there are doing incredible things (this will be a consistent theme in my blog posts).  On April 29th I attended the first annual Texas Women’s Summit, held at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas.  For the first year of a conference, the lineup was impressive. From a woman who is the former EVP and CMO of the NBA, to a radio host who has a PhD in Business Management with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, to no fewer than 7 female founders of companies ranging from fashion to advertising to political action committees, to the first female President of Costa Rica.  Seriously folks, this lineup was no joke!  

One of the consistent themes I heard, and that comes up whenever I hear amazing women speak about their journeys, is the importance of grit and resilience.

One of the consistent themes I heard, and that comes up whenever I hear women leaders speak about their journeys, is the importance of grit and resilience.  Not a single one of them accomplished what they did by luck or just because they had good timing.  Did they have some of that along the way?  No doubt.  But each one fell along the path, or was told to stop, or told that she couldn’t do it – some even had to tank a first business or get fired or lose a $70M client.  But each and every one stood back up, brushed off the dust, and forged ahead.  

I think it’s easy, especially in our digital age, to feel like people become successful overnight.  That it can never be us because we don’t have that kind of luck…or that kind of network…or that pedigree…or that prestigious Ivy League degree or MBA.  Or simply because maybe there are already so many successful women that there is no room left for us.

But you know what?  None of that is true. Do you have passion?  Intelligence? Grit and determination?  And do you really WANT it?  That’s pretty much all you need. And in terms of room on that stage of impressive women?  In my conversations with these women, I’ve realized that the stage is endless and has room for all of us.  And more importantly, that the women already up there want company and are more than willing to reach out a hand to help you up and make room alongside them.  But it is up to you to take that first step forward. 

Thanks to the Texas Women’s Summit for a great and inspirational day, and I look forward to attending again next year!

Beth Yehaskel is Ceresa’s Chief Customer Officer, and is responsible for leading sales, business development and customer success. She has more than 20 years of experience scaling rapidly growing companies and building customer service teams, and previously held VP roles at Spredfast and Jungle Scout. She’s a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, former Peace Corps volunteer, and a Ceresa mentor herself!

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